Secure Online Support (SOS) Overview

We now offer existing customers a Secure Online Support (SOS) service, using the popular TeamViewer application. This enables us to solve your computer problems remotely, provided you have a working Broadband connection to the Internet. This support option can only be initiated by you. In other words, we cannot gain access to your PC unless you invite us.

The benefits to you are that we can respond to your problems much more promptly, and if it is difficult for you to take time off work to be available for a home visit, we can arrange an SOS session in the evening or during weekends.

To take advantage of this new service, please call us to book a time that is convenient for you. We will then send you an Email containing instructions on how you access this service. Remember, the SOS session can only be initiated by you. We cannot access your computer without a specific invitation from you.

When you are ready to to receive Online Support, please call us on 07990 521239.